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9 Personalized Birthday Gifts That People Actually Use in 2019

A lot of people are on the fence when it comes to personalized gifts. Depending on the way in which the gift is created, it can be interpreted as incredibly thoughtful or slightly tacky. Obviously, you want your personalized gift ideas to be the former, not the latter. As such, we have drawn up this list of personalized gift ideas that your loved ones are certain to use, and which will definitely put a smile on their faces.

Personalized Wallets

Today’s trend of using faux leather is growing rapidly, and a faux leather wallet is a great gift. More and more people are searching for unique designs; however, the accessory industry is still lacking some creativity in this area. Why not gift a wallet and take things one step further and add engraved initials in the corner? This is a thoughtful gift that will be sure to last.

Personalized Cigar Boxes

Many guys love sampling cigars every now and then. Even if this is not something that they do regularly, the appeal of trying cigars from different corners of the globe while socializing with friends is understandable. Instead of having the guy in question keep all of his cigars piled up in various packages, a personalized box for his cigars is a nice, sophisticated way to store them all.

Photo Albums

Photo albums that have been filled in with memories are a timeless, classic gift. Create a photo album for a family member or loved one with photos from a special trip or from a memorable day. It will be sure to bring a tear to their eyes. Maximum brownie points for thoughtfulness on this one.

Funny Personalized Clothing

Do you know those gnarly, tacky personalized clothing items like hats, sports bags, and t-shirts? Most people would be disgusted to receive such an item but if you and the recipient both have a sense of humor, this is a great gift for poking fun. Consider customizing a t-shirt so horrifying that it makes them cry with laugher at the audacity of it. They may not wear it out in public, but chances are it will be a favorite item for use as pajamas or loungewear.

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Canvas Print Paintings

When it comes to decorating our homes, the walls often look bare and dull without some form of picture or artwork on them. Paintings and wall hangings are great, sure, but personalized memories are even better. A large scale print of a special holiday makes for a wonderfully thoughtful gift. The added bonus of canvases is that they can be customized to look very tasteful and sophisticated. There are dozens of different print and finish options available to choose from.

Personalized Mugs and Tumblers

For those with families, personalized mugs and tumblers make for great gifts. It is possible to buy sets whereby each individual family member has their own designated cup or mug. Better yet, the personalization doesn’t only extend to having the person’s name printed on the cup, but also to the extent where you can actually buy mugs with cute little cartoons of the people on them. Adorable, eh? At least it’s adorable until one of the kids drops one!

Customized Serving Trays

Instead of staring at the same old stock images or cartoons when eating your dinner on a tray in front of the television, a custom tray is a nice idea! There are tons of options available for personalizing this. You could design the base of the tray as a collage of different travel photos, or as a large scale photo from a wedding. This is a handy item that is guaranteed to see a lot of use. The personalization is just an added extra.

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Personalized Doormats

Instead of the same tired old “Welcome!” doormat that everyone else on the block has, a personalized doormat is a cute and quirky touch. Instead, the doormat can read “Welcome to the Hoffman’s!”. For added cheesiness, you could even add a slogan or an image on there. This is a great alternative gift, particularly for those with families.

Customizable Pet Pillows

Something that is either funny or terrifying whichever way you look at it – Customizable pet pillows! There are actually online companies where you can send in an image of your favorite ball of fluff and have a pillow made. The bespoke pillow will not only feature your cat or dog’s hairy little face but will be created as a cut-out in the shape of the animal!

This may well be more of a prank gift than anything else, but great for those with a sense of humor. Just mind the mini heart attacks the recipient will have every time they almost sit on the cushion and think it’s their pet!

Personalized Cushions and Pillows

For a home to look tasteful and sophisticated, it doesn’t have to mean beige everything. Little injections of color, personality, and flair are flair are great for adding a personal touch. Personalized cushions and pillows are a way to do just that. Personalized cushions can be gifted to alternate with the regular cushions on the sofa. You can choose a design to be as subtle or as bold as you like. From embroidery to photo printing, everything goes! The recipient is sure to be touched by the level of thoughtfulness and effort.

What is appropriate and tasteful by way of personalization depends a lot on your personal tastes and preference. Regardless, such gifts show that you have put a lot of extra thought and effort into selecting a gift, rather than simply going and buying something from a store.

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