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The Benefits of Strapless Bras

While your normal bras may do the job during your working life, and some leisure and sports activities, there may come occasions where those straps detract from your outfit as a whole. This is where it can be useful to invest in strapless bras that allow you a bit more freedom with your outfits, while still offering you the support and lift that you are after.

Sleeveless Outfits

When you wish to wear a sleeveless top or dress, or one with no straps whatsoever, it can be difficult to make your ordinary bras look the part. This is where a strapless bra can help. These come in a number of shapes and colours which can be great if your outfit has a different collar than standard or if the material is thin. While it is entirely possible that you could simply slip out of the straps of your regular bra, hiding them within your clothing, this can cause lumps in the material, or even rubbing as you move around. One of the great benefits of opting for a strapless bra is that they often come with a silicone gel strip which aids in keeping the bra up, alongside the general design of the band around your chest.

Easier Tanning

Many of us have often gone to the beach, or even laid in the garden, hoping for a gorgeous tan, only to then be trumped by the straps of our bras, especially if we often alter between bra and top styles. Wearing a halter top a few days after tanning, as an example, means that those tanning lines will be on show, stark against your tanned skin, for the whole world to see. Opting for a strapless bra can allow you to keep tanning as you wish, alongside the use of a decent sunscreen, while maintaining your comfort and support.

Shoulder Indents

One of the main problems that can occur through wearing a traditional, strapped bra can be indents and welts in your shoulders. Over time, these can rub and become sore. When those straps are removed, you can still have the level of support that you need, and give your shoulders that much-needed rest. Relaxation of the shoulders can help with back pain, as well as improve your posture. For this to work properly, you want to make sure that the band of the bra itself is not too tight or too loose, as this could cause problems with the support of your breasts, as well as contribute to pain in other areas of your back. Without those straps, you also may find fewer blemishes on your shoulders as well, as there is nothing tight trapping in oil and dirt within your skin.

While there may be occasions that a strapped bra might be needed, such as when playing sports or engaging in other types of physical activity, there are also times when a strapless bra can benefit you greatly. By considering your plans for the day, as well as your overall health, you can pick the best bra to suit your needs.

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