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Your Beauty Routine Might Be Helping Your Self Esteem

“Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” .¨ Bobbi Brown

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” -Tyra Banks

My fiance is always wondering why I insist on needing 2 hours to get ready. He typically just wants me to continue cuddling with him, but I need to hop up and start doing my thing.

I know how ridiculous it sounds for it to take 2 hours to get ready to go somewhere. And, of course, I have my extremely shortened versions when I need to go somewhere fast, I can get out the door in no time!

But for me, my beauty routine is a time for me to be creative and relax; it is my everyday therapy and meditation time. I need enough time so I don’t feel rushed so that I can take the time to feel beautiful.

According to an Allure Magazine survey, “97% of women say they feel more confident when they use their favorite beauty products.” I’m not encouraging you to go out and constantly spend money on beauty products, I’m simply sharing with you what helps me feel good. What helps me feel good is taking the time to care for myself and beautifying myself.

Recently, one of my beautiful girlfriends has been going through a really rough time with her self-esteem and confidence. Looking at her you would wonder why, because she is gorgeous, super talented, and has a really sweet heart. I think everyone struggles with this at some point in their lives. Feeling bad about yourself, feeling like you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, comparing yourself to others. PLEASE DON’T do that to yourself. Even I have insecurities and days where I don’t feel pretty, but I don’t let it eat at me. It can destroy you. You are who you are, and you need to accept that. Luckily, there are things that you can do to help.

Here is what I do on those days, and I do a little bit of this everyday for myself. . . I find that it helps in some way to spend some time on myself. It’s sort of an anti-insecurity day. I go shopping for new makeup, hair products, and simply apply my makeup in a new way, get my nails done, etc. Taking the time to do these things for yourself can boost your confidence. They really do help a little bit with feeling good about yourself. Obviously, it won’t solve all of your problems, those are within, and mentally you need to work on it, but I think that when you do something of this nature, it can put you in a better mental state and point you in the right direction.

As a kid, my parents would set me up at the crafts table to do an art project. I would be sitting there quiet for hours coloring in shrinky dinks, molding animals out of fimo clay, or tracing Fashion Plates. I have graduated this need for creativity and focused it on myself. Every time I put on makeup I try different colors, techniques and styles. It is my grown up version of this kind of creativity. Not only does it allow me to be creative, but I feel good about focusing on myself, and giving myself some pampering. It is soothing, and makes me feel good about myself. That’s also why I became a Makeup Artist, I love to beautify other women as well. There is something so rewarding about seeing someone else so happy with the way they look. I get so much satisfaction from sharing what I know and love with other women.

Between satisfying my creative nature and my boosting my self confidence, I end up frequently testing out new makeup and skincare products, figuring out new techniques and ways of achieving beautiful results.
I am mainly self taught when it comes to beauty, trial and error is what I like to do, and I like to share my successes on this blog with you. I encourage you to try the same thing if you so please.

Maybe this sounds stupid to some of you, maybe you don’t need makeup to feel beautiful, or maybe some of you don’t care about being beautiful, and I think that is so great. I’m happy for you. But this is for the women out there in the world that want a little bit of help. This is how I handle it, this is what I do, this is what makes me feel good. So, maybe it will help you too?

Take a little extra time on yourself out of your busy life, organize your makeup collection, or shop for new brushes. For those of you that already take your time getting ready, be proud that you find enjoyment in this, recognize this as a good thing, a meditation. Men may never understand why it takes us so long to get ready, and you don’t have to rationalize it. Some “me” time is always good, life is too short, so use your time wisely and be happy.


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