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5 Everyday Beauty Lifesavers to Keep Close By

When it comes to the daily grind, we can’t always fit a full beauty routine into every morning. We all want to look and feel our best when heading out to work or a fun day out, but there isn’t always time for doing a full face of makeup or a morning skincare routine.

At busy times and high-stress moments, having a few miracle products at hand can be a real lifesaver. Whether you keep them in your desk drawer or tucked away in your purse, some items can truly help you out in a crisis.

If you’re wondering what these handy items could be, keep reading to discover five on-hand must-haves to always keep nearby.

1. Lip Balm

This is one that comes in handy all year round. In the winter, naturally, most people’s skin becomes dry, and this includes the lips. Having a handy dandy tube of your favorite lip balm can save you sitting at work with chapped and painful lips.

You can even get a little fancy and get a tinted or shimmery product. This means if you run out of the house with no chance to do your daily makeup routine, or you’re going out for drinks on a whim, you can glam up a little in no time.

Practical in virtually all situations, this little tube can be a real lifesaver.

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2. Moisturizer 

Especially useful if you are a gym bunny or just need to hydrate on the go, having a small tube or pot of moisturizer in your purse is super handy. Whether it’s a luxurious brand-name like Okana NZ or a cheap drug store tub, your skin will thank you.

Moisturizer is the bare minimum thing you need to never get caught out with dry skin. A quick application can help you feel your best with virtually no fuss.

With a range of brands making travel-sized options, there is no excuse not to have excellent looking skin on-the-go.

3. Hand Cream 

One thing that is excellent to have on you at all times is hand cream. A small tube at your desk, in your purse, in your rucksack, or just your pocket is endlessly useful. You use your hands daily and they can ache, or the skin can dry out and – God forbid – crack. A travel-sized hand cream is the perfect little helper in these situations.

As an added bonus, hand creams often come in pleasant fruity or floral fragrances. This can be a real pick me up in the middle of a long day at work. It may even enhance the mood of those around you too!

4. Face Powder (and small powder puff)

If you are prone to oily or shiny skin and would prefer to look a little less dewy, it’s a great idea to keep a compact of face powder around. Find yourself a compact or small compressed power in whatever shade you need – and then get two or three of it. You can then have one at work, one in your purse, and a spare for travel or going-out purposes.

This is a perfect solution for those days when you don’t want a full face of makeup, but want to just feel a little covered up. It can be your little secret.

5. Wet Wipes

Running late for work can mean you find yourself walking into the office flustered. Let’s say you spent time doing your makeup that morning, and now your eyeliner is a bit smudged. Or, maybe you trod in a muddy puddle while running for the train. Having a travel-sized pack of wet wipes stashed away somewhere can mean you can easily tidy yourself up and don’t have to sit there feeling self-conscious.

This is also a good tip for those with messy desks – you can give it a bit of a wipe down before the boss sees.

Final Thoughts

Leading a busy lifestyle means we don’t always have the perfect amount of time for everything. However, with these everyday lifesavers, you can look and feel your best in under a minute.


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