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Mind-Blowing Beauty Transformations By Anar Agakishiev

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Anar Agakishiev is a celebrity makeup artist from Baku, Azerbaijan that has stunned the Instagram community with his impressive talent. Unlike some A-list makeup artists that work only with models, actresses, and performers, Anar gives makeovers to everyday women. His mind-blowing beauty transformations and age-defying glam looks have left us speechless. The makeup artist can turn any lady into a celebrity. That, however, it’s not the most important thing about his work. The real transformation comes from within. The reactions of his clientele when they see themselves in the mirror all glammed up is priceless. Below, you can see some of his most impressive beauty transformations.

beauty transformations by anar agakishie
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Photo By @anar_agakishiev/Instagram

This beautiful lady was left in tears of joy after undergoing a full-glam session by Anar Agakishiev. She revealed that this was her first-ever makeover after suffering a horrible accident that left her face and body with severe burns.

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