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Smooth Away Signs Of Stress With A Jade Roller

Beauty trends come and go each year, but jade rollers might just stick around for a while. You might have noticed the pretty rollers popping up in social media posts and on beauty blogs, their pretty pink and green hues a seemingly new essential in the modern world of self care.

Jade rollers are anything but new; the concept has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine. The jade stone was believed to draw out a person’s negative energy and create balance in their “chi,” or a life force.

Now, beauty novices and professionals alike are embracing the affordable, soothing practice of jade rolling as part of their everyday skincare routines.

Benefits Of Jade Rolling

Those who regularly use jade rollers claim it produces brighter skin and reduces wrinkles on the face and neck. The roller is often used to encourage facial serums and oils to sink more deeply into the skin’s pores for a lasting effect.

Naturally cool to the touch, the jade stone can help calm puffiness, encourage lymphatic drainage and even improve blood circulation. Jade rolling has also been known to tone facial muscles, reduce headaches and improve sleep.

How To Use The Tool

Salon professionals and estheticians often employ jade rollers when caring for their clients’ skin. It is recommended that you always roll from the center of the face out towards the hairline, to encourage proper lymphatic drainage.

First, wash your face, then roll up and down each section of your neck and across each portion of your face. After, apply any moisturizer, toner or serum you use. Perhaps once or twice a week, you can use a special oil with your jade roller, tailored to your skin type. For dry skin, find a serum that will nourish your pores; and for oily skin, look for something to cleanse and calm your face.

In today’s stressful climate, any bit of self care can help. The true beauty of a jade roller is its affordability and flexibility. Rollers sell on Amazon for less than $20, and it only takes a few minutes each day to reap the benefits of rolling.

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