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Why We Miss In-Person Shopping

With the current pandemic, online shopping has become a trend. While purchasing things online can offer some perks, most of us prefer going to the store and seeing the products in real life. Plus, in-person shopping has a lot of advantages. To give you a better view, here are some reasons we miss in-person shopping.

1. Availability of the Product

When we purchase online, most of us have to wait for our ordered products to be delivered to our doorsteps, which often takes days. This is where physical stores have an edge. Because their stocks are on-hand, you can immediately bring home the product you purchased.

2. Shopping Experience

One of the most common reasons we miss in-person shopping is the experience. When buying a product, most of us want to experience it. For example, you want to purchase a sweater. However, you want to fit it first and check if it’s comfy before buying it. Plus, you can also inspect the quality of the product when you purchase it at a physical store.

Another great benefit you can get from purchasing at a brick and mortar shops is their services, such as alteration and personal styling. These additional perks ensure that you’re satisfied with the product and your shopping experience.

3. Low Probability of Return

In some cases, we may receive a damaged product when shopping online. Other times, the product does not meet our expectations. So, we want to return it. Most online shops will allow you to return the item; however, the process can be time-consuming.

At a physical store, you can test the product and check its quality before buying it. As such, the probability of returning is low.

4. Expert Advice

Getting expert advice is one of the most common reasons we miss in-person shopping. Remember, when buying something, most of us have several choices. The staff or store assistants can offer their opinion or advice to help us decide.

A lot of online stores now have customer assistance that you can chat with, but sometimes you have to wait a few hours for their reply. In an actual store, you can talk to the staff face to face; thus, you can trust his or her professional advice.

All in all, these are some of the reasons we miss in-person shopping. As you can see, a physical store can offer a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, most of us can’t enjoy these perks because of the current situation. Nevertheless, a lot of brick and mortar shops are still open, and they can provide excellent customer service.


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