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Social Shopping and Why It’s Better

Gone are the days of perusing your local department store in search of that perfect sweater. These days, social shopping has taken the place of old fashioned in-person shopping, and to be honest? We’re not even a little bit surprised. When you learn the benefits of social shopping, you won’t be surprised, either. Social shopping isn’t just online shopping, it’s more than that: social shopping is your way to engage with retailers and other buyers. As you do this, the store you’re browsing recommends items based on your experience. Forget rummaging through random online marketplaces, try social shopping and experience a whole new way to shop.

It’s Convenient

Let’s be real: when you’re driving home from a long day at the office, what would you rather do… head to your local Nordstrom to rummage through the sales and continue to stay in those heels another few hours, or come home, crack open a bottle of red, and shop from the comfort of your couch? The majority – though they may love to shop – would say the latter. And why wouldn’t they? When you consider that shopping online is about a million times easier and more convenient than driving out of your way to walk a mall after work? Well, it just makes mall-walking look like work in and of itself.

It’s Pretty

Thanks to the development of technology in the past few years, online shopping has never been prettier. Type in what you’re searching for, and you’ll immediately come upon user friendly interfaces with abundance of beautiful photos and pertinent information all right at your fingertips. Pinterest is one incredibly popular site that links directly to sites, which makes shopping that much easier; you don’t even need to read, you only have to look, and then click.

It’s Effortlessly Social

It might initially seem like social shopping is the opposite, but as it turns out, it’s actually very social. Aspects of social shopping like product sharing and user engagement make socializing easier than ever, and make your shopping experience that much more effective. As you purchase products, you’re introduced to similar products and others who’ve purchased those products. Essentially, socializing with strangers who share your style and taste has never been easier.

It’s Simple and Effective

At social shopping sites, like ModCloth, OpenSky, and Fancy, you simply browse product feeds curated especially for you based on your search criteria, shopping history, and demographics. It’s smart shopping, and it’s simple and effective. Social shopping goes beyond simple random item recommendations and into the realm of a personalized form of shopping that thrives on engagement.

So, as you leave work this week, don’t think twice about keeping that car in drive, avoiding the mall, and social shopping from the comfort of your home. There’s simply no reason not to.


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