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Why Plastic Surgery Can Make Your Face Look Older and How to Avoid It

A lot of women opt for cosmetic procedures to look younger, which is a respectable choice. Unfortunately, plastic surgery has some downsides. In some cases, the procedure can not go as expected, resulting in the patient looking older. To give you a better view, here are some reasons plastic surgery can make your face look older.

1. Too Much Filler

Today, a lot of women in their 20s try cosmetic surgery. Some of them opt for lip fillers to get luscious lips. While lip fillers are usually safe, getting too many fillers can have a drawback. For instance, it can make you look older because it disrupts your facial balance.

To avoid this, it is best that you and your surgeon assess your facial features and symmetry before undergoing any procedure to avoid overfilling.

2. Too Much Botox

One of the most common reasons plastic surgery can make your face look older is due to too much Botox. Keep in mind that Botox is an effective method to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face. However, when it is overdone, it can make some of your facial features exaggerated. As a result, your face will look older.

The good news is that injectables are not permanent, and their effects will fade in time. Still, you can avoid getting too much Botox by starting with a lesser dose. Your surgeon can inject more if necessary.

3. Over-Suctioning of Cheeks

Keep in mind that the lips and cheeks are the usual parts of the face that are overdone. Typically, your face will look older if over-suctioning is done to get a higher cheekbone. Additionally, your facial symmetry will be thrown off if unnecessary injections or fat transfer is overdone.

4. Highly Arched Eyebrows

Your eyebrows, when properly shaped, can enhance your natural beauty. However, when it is highly arched or if it doesn’t have any arch, it can make your face look older. In fact, having a highly arched eyebrow is one of the most common reasons plastic surgery can make your face look older. Unfortunately, getting the perfect eyebrow height can be challenging. For this reason, it is best to find a cosmetic surgeon that specializes in brow area Botox to avoid undesirable results.

5. Hollow Eyes

A lot of young patients undergo plastic surgery to remove the fat under their eyes. This procedure can give you a fresh look, especially when done properly. However, if too much fat is removed it can make your eyes look hollow, which will make your face look older.


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