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90s Fluffy Hairstyles Are Back to Turn You Into a Retro Bombshell

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If there’s one decade we can’t seem to let go, it’s the 90s. The fashion and beauty industry is constantly reviving retro trends and bringing them back into the spotlight. The newest hot take is the 90s fluffy hairstyles that exude elegance and diva vibes. Whether you’re nostalgic or just love voluminous hair, this trend is a perfect pick. Take a look at our gallery and learn how to properly style your hair from flat to fluffy. Follow our advice and examples for a complete retro makeover!

90s fluffy hairstyles are back to turn you into a retro bombshell
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Photo By @jhair_stylist/Instagram

Spice up your look with a fluffy bun on the top of your head. This messy hairstyle is very enchanting and will give you romantic vibes. Leave off a few strands in the front to create a mesmerizing face-framing effect.

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