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Rusty Red Hair Colors Are in for Summer According to Celebs

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If there’s one source of inspiration we can always rely on, it’s our favorite celebrities. Having access to professional artists and stylists puts them ahead of time and allows them to shape new trends. As seen on celebs’ Instagram accounts, many popular faces have agreed that rusty red hair colors are the hit of the season. From Bella Thorne to Julianne Moore, celebs with different styles have adopted this trend and brought it into the summer season. Whether you’re an eternal fan of the red hue or want to switch up your look, red hair is the way to go. We searched our feed and picked out the most gorgeous takes on this trend. Take a look at our list of visuals and find the perfect red dye job for the upcoming season!

rusty red hair colors are in for summer according to celebs
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Photo By @islafisher/Instagram

Spice up your red hair with light brown undertones. Amy Adams has already adopted this hair color, resulting in a refreshed, fiery look. 

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