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What You’ll Need to Know if You’re in a New Lesbian Relationship

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What is one common misconception that women face regarding lesbian relationships?

Some lesbians also have a tendency to inaccurately romantically fantasize that loving another woman will make all of the hurdles of relationships disappear. Where do we come up with these kind of beliefs! This is a faulty theory unless you enjoy regularly checking into .≤The Heartbreak Hotel’.
Issues of jealously, possession, codependence, and anger don’t go away because you are a lesbian couple. Know this as fact: relationships and people dearest to us are cosmically placed in our path for one reason and one reason only, to help us emotionally grow. Growing pains push us to leave comfortable self-defeating behaviors in the past and risk new thoughts and experiences so we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and practice at love. Those closest to us offer us this gift whether we are in lesbian relationships or not. Our perfect mate can be the biggest pain in the ass because we need ours kicked once in a while, lesbian or not.

Many people still don’t grasp the idea of sexual fluidity. How would you describe it and how can we best embrace it?

I visualize sexual fluidity as gracefully moving emotionally and physically beyond normal societal expectations like water flowing among the rocks in a creek, changing and reshaping itself in a splendid dance. As souls, we are not male or female, but both. So this process of cognitively and fearlessly accepting and welcoming the wonder of the yin and yang in each of us is perfectly natural. Fluidity is the ability to be all things, embracing male and female with brave openness comfortably living in our own skin. The future of the maturational success of our children and their well being rests in their freedom and safety to live their truth without shame and hiding. If life is about gently and joyously living in the open, which I believe it is, this is just another way we are finally permitting ourselves to do so. The ability to live with sexual fluidity is long overdue and soulfully welcomed.

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