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6 Tips to Restore Romance and Intimacy

It’s been said that chivalry is dead. Romance went along with it, too. But we know for a fact that both chivalry and romance are both alive and well. You just have to be with the right person and remember to not take your relationship for granted.

For those of us who have been in relationships for years, it can be tough to keep the spark alive. Luckily, Mary Jo Rapini, LPC is here to help with her six tips to revive romance and intimacy. Isn’t it time you showed your partner how much you care?

  1. Ask your partner for a list of what makes them feel loved. Many think they know and tend to make assumptions. Keep a mental list and keep it updated. Sometimes a small gesture like making your partner breakfast in bed or dinner at night will help your partner feel cherished and loved.
  2. Tell your partner how good they look. Always be the first one to tell them they look handsome, gorgeous, or sexy. It isn’t as powerful if everyone else told them all day and you’re the last.
  3. Take turns initiating sex. Some partners say they’re stressed because their partner never initiates anything and feel responsible for when and if sex happens. Taking turns initiating sex challenges partners to give more thought to the love making.
  4. Prepare little surprises or purchase small gifts. These remind your partner that you think about them throughout the day. It’s romantic. Get them something you may be uncomfortable picking out; that will mean more to them that you put yourself out there for them.
  5. Use a lubricant during intimacy. This will enhance pleasure for both partners. During foreplay or right before intercourse, using a lubricant can be intimate and sensual. A silicone lubricant like Wet Platinum or Replens Silky Smooth aren’t sticky like water-based lubricants and can be used in the bath, shower, or spa or for full-body massages and skin conditioning.
  6. Share your feelings with your partner Share even when you feel like a failure, feel rejected, or abandoned. Intimacy has nothing to do with a partner being famous or great.
    It has everything to do with being real.

“Romance is different for each person, and that’s what makes it so necessary for relationships. If you feel as though the romance is gone in your relationship, you can fix it by allowing your heart to lead you in doing an action of love.” adds Rapini.

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