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The Best Fall 2021 Blush Shades for Redheads

Having red hair is beautiful, and it can add a touch of extravagance to your appearance. Unfortunately, this hair color also requires well-balanced makeup. For this reason, it is vital that you understand the right blush shades that will complement your skin tone and hair color. Remember, the perfect blush shade can accentuate your cheekbones and give your face a natural glow. So, what are the best fall 2021 blush shades for redheads?

Best Blush Shades for Redheads


For redheads with light skin, a blush with a subtle peach shade is a great option. The reason is that it gives your cheeks a warm glow that perfectly matches your hair color instead of competing with them.


Keep in mind that redheads should opt for blush shades with light hues. For this reason, one of the best fall 2021 blush shades for redheads is coral. This shade can add a soft complement to your light complexion. Plus, it can also make your face look fresh and radiant.


In general, experts recommend that redheads should not apply more red makeup to their skin. As such, it is best to opt for a flattering shade, like apricot. This blush shade is like a bronzer that can beautifully highlight your cheekbones.

Blush Shades to Avoid

As mentioned, applying a red blush is not recommended for redheads because it can be overwhelming. Aside from that, women with auburn tresses should also stray away from pink blushes. The reason is that this shade may contrast with your red tresses. Instead, you can opt for peach, apricot, or coral. These blush shades can make your hair stand out enticingly.

Final Words

Overall, these are the best fall 2021 blush shades for redheads. As you know, most redheads have fair skin, and makeup mishaps are more apparent for women with a light complexion. As such, it is recommended to apply blush with a gentle touch. That way, you are enhancing your cheekbones while not overwhelming your skin. Additionally, when picking a blush shade, experts recommend that you choose a blush that is one shade lighter than your skin. By doing this, you can make sure that the blush will give you a natural glow that will not compete with your red tresses.

Aside from blush, redheads can also apply a bronzer. When picking a bronzer, it is best to opt for a shade with a light brown color instead of orange. Finally, you should also apply this makeup with a delicate touch to ensure a flawless application.


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