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What is the Great Resignation, and Why is It Happening?

Before, experts said that the resignation of many workers was just a workforce blip. However, more and more people have quit their jobs, and it is becoming a trend. This economic trend is dubbed the ‘Great Resignation’. Some experts believe that this trend will continue for various reasons. So, what are the reasons the Great Resignation is happening?

What is the Great Resignation?

Since the spring of 2021, about 33 million Americans have quit their jobs. Because of the voluntary resignation of a lot of workers, the trend was called the “Big Quit” or the “Great Resignation.”

The term “Great Resignation” was coined by Professor Anthony Klotz. According to his prediction, a large number of workers will be leaving their jobs after the pandemic.

According to studies, this popular economic trend began when employees weren’t able to get benefits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other factors, like a desire for a more suitable career and the employee’s long-term goals, also fueled the resignation of millions of workers. As the pandemic continues, the resignation rate rises despite the high unemployment rate and continued labor shortages.

Reasons the Great Resignation is Happening

1. Desire to Work Remotely

As mentioned, the Great Resignation started last spring of 2021, which is the time when high COVID-19 cases are reported. Today, a lot of people are already vaccinated; however, the threat of this disease continues. Because of this reason, many workers desire to work remotely. To be specific, more and more people are looking for jobs that allow them to work at home.

2. A lot of Workers are Burnt Out

One of the most common reasons the Great Resignation is happening is that a lot of workers are burnt out. This condition is defined as a state of emotional and physical exhaustion that occurs due to long-term stress at work. Some of the symptoms of this condition are:

Feeling drained or tired all the time
Feeling trapped or helpless
Feeling overwhelmed

Keep in mind that a burnout state can affect the quality of work produced by the employee. Aside from that, it can also affect the workers’ loyalty and commitment to their job. These effects may lead to workflow disruption and interpersonal conflict in the workplace. As a result, exhausted employees eventually resigned, which encouraged others to do the same.

3. Existential Awakening

Finally, the last on this list of reasons the Great Resignation is happening is existential awakening. As you know, the death of a lot of people during the pandemic made many workers think of their future. Because of this reason, some decided to switch careers, hoping for a more fulfilling future.


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