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The Top 5 Careers in the Beauty Industry

If ever you were looking for a career in an industry that has a huge potential for future growth and job stability, it would be in any niche within the beauty industry. To get an idea of just how strong this industry is, consider the fact that the world of beauty brought in an amazing $483 billion worldwide in the year 2020. Final calculations have not been finalized for 2021 but the consensus is that it will be an even better year than the previous year. Much of this is because Covid restrictions began being lifted and people were once again going to the salons. With all that in mind, let’s look at those 5 careers forecast to be strong in the coming years.

1. Cosmetologist

Every state has its own requirements that must be met in order to be licensed as a cosmetologist. However, the one thing that is consistent in every state would be a course of study at an accredited beauty school, which will also include student hours on the floor serving clients. Whether you take the full cosmetology course or specific elements within the field, it is a requirement to study at an accredited beauty school.

2. Esthetician

An esthetician works with the skin. They will work with such things as the application of makeup but may also perform such services as the application of facial masks and the removal of facial hair. They will often work at a salon that offers these services in addition to haircare and nailcare.

3. Beauty Influencer

Although this isn’t a profession that deals directly with beauty services provided for clients, it has a huge impact on the industry. A beauty influencer is often a blogger or vlogger with a huge following. Their followers often buy beauty products or go to a salon for services recommended by the blogger/vlogger. The way they make money is often as a commission for products sold through links on their blog.

4. Photographer

Another profession within the world of beauty is to specialize as a beauty photographer. Most often photographers in this end of the business do photo shoots with models. They can shoot live events or still shots for a model’s portfolio and again, although not directly within the industry, they provide a necessary service. Beauty photographers can make high incomes if their models become nationally renowned.

5. Manicurist/Nail Artist

Most full-service shops have one or more manicurists on staff and those who over nail art are often in high demand. Some manicurists are booked out weeks in advance, so you know this is a profession that makes a good salary.

While these careers are not ranked in order of earnings, each is representative of just how easy it is to make a decent living within the world of beauty. If the year 2020 brought in a phenomenal $483 billion in revenue, imagine what 2021 will be tallied as, and then 2022. If you are at all interested in the beauty industry, these are fields where you have potential to rake in the bucks.

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