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The World is on Lockdown and So is My Hair

The positive side of quarantine for your hair

These days of uncertainty are bringing us mixed feelings which change weekly and, in some cases, even daily. People are trying to get creative so they don’t get bored or depressed during the quarantine. While my business is online, I don’t feel very trapped in my house as I’m used to spending most of my time at home. I also live in California, so seeing a blue sky instead of a grey one also helps. However, I feel some limitations to my lifestyle during the lockdown, as I’m not willing to risk going out and getting infected. One of those limitations is getting my hair done.

The last time I visited a salon was in August before I went for a vacation. Shortly after I came back, I broke my ankle which ended up healing slowly, so I didn’t make a visit to fix my locks. Then we got stuck in by the coronavirus, and I found myself with disastrous locks.

However, the worst part is that people around the world are getting sick and even dying, so I’m not going to complain about my mane not being dyed for over 6 months. Instead, I will share some of my tips on how to use this time to take care of your mane during the quarantine.

Hair rejuvenation with your natural oils

Many people can’t stand having oily follacles. I, on the other hand, often find myself with super oily hair as I don’t like to wash it more than 1-2 times a week. It’s because the constant stripping of your follicles from their natural oils only makes your roots produce more oil as a self-defense mechanism to dryness. Then you feel the need to wash it every day which is not good even if you work in a coal mine. 

Even a celebrity stylist, Donna Marie Fischetto suggests, “Since most of us have no social activities on the calendar, I would take this time to do a Hair Rejuvenation. I always tell my clients to limit the amount of shampooing and water rinsing of their hair, even just water has too many chemicals that strip away the natural oils. Those oils are the best conditioning treatment, bar none. I also recommend massaging your scalp, then brushing your hair from roots to ends to distribute the oils. Ultimately, this will restore your hair to its shiny, youthful splendor.” 

So, let your locks be oily for a couple of days. It won’t only save your hair and usage of your hair products, it will even reduce your water bill.

Skipping the blow dryer

After you wash your scalp, skip using a blow dryer and airdry it. Usually, I like to have lots of volume in my locks. I achieve it by blow drying my hair in the upside-down position and letting it cool off while having it tied with a soft scrunchie on the top of my head. I also use 2-3 products to help achieve the mega volume. But since I’m not going anywhere, this is the time to let my hair relax in its natural state. You will not only save your hair and your hair products, but you will also reduce your power bill. 

Color, Highlights and Lowlights

I didn’t do my color since August last year, so what? It’s actually quite interesting to see my hair grown out so much. I observe and study it. Some of you might want to reach for a drugstore color and do your hair at home since seeing your greys can make you feel older. But try to embrace your natural look and enjoy it. Rejuvenate while our planet is trying to rejuvenate. 

Not putting strong chemicals on my mane such as color or toner helps my roots to power up for the next time I will go back to the salon for those Malibu beach blonde highlights. 

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