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Katarina’s Favorite Makeup Brushes for Travel

When You Travel, It is Essential to Bring These Brushes

Katarina Van Derham is a pro when it comes to traveling. While traveling with VIVA GLAM Magazine, she rarely has much space as she has to bring wardrobe, camera equipment, and a few personal items on her trips. That being the case, it’s impossible for her to bring her 150-200 makeup brushes with her. So, as a boss babe, she’s become a pro at packing the most important and essential brushes and skipping on those that aren’t quite as important.

The following brushes are essential to Katarina’s travel endeavors.

Foundation Brush

When traveling, Katarina does not use a foundation brush or sponge. She uses her hands to apply foundation, allowing her body heat to assist her in applying the product directly to her face.

Concealer & Highlighter Brush

A great tip to traveling lightly is using double-sided brushes. They’re perfect, as they take up no room being 2 brushes in 1! Katarina uses Luxie x JadeyWadey brush #101 to apply her concealer. She uses the flatter side for the concealer application and the tapered side for applying highlighter.

Another Luxie x JadeyWadey brush Katarina loves is #182. She uses the smaller slanted side of the brush to apply eyeliner.
She uses the larger slanted side for her nose and lower lip contour.

Contour Brushes

Katarina prefers Sephora brush #111 as her contour brush. It has very dense synthetic bristles making it great for deep contouring. For powder, Katarina prefers MAC brush #129, as it can be used for both powder and bronzer application, allowing you to pack less. You can even use it as a blush brush!

Speaking of MAC brushes, #217 is perfect for applying shadow to your eye crease and blending it!

Eye Brushes

As far as eye makeup brushes are concerned, Katarina is a big fan of Real Techniques. Their smudge brush is something she always packs on her travels, and their accent brush is perfect in creating a thin eyeliner/shadow line.

Essence of Beauty is another company that makes great brushes for blending eye shadow, as well as highlighting under your eyebrows. They are short brushes, making them easy to travel with.

Eyebrow & Lip Brushes

Katarina prefers Smashbox’s flat-head brush on her eyebrows, as it helps the shadow go on more natural, and, finally, she prefers Cinema Secrets’s lip brush to apply lip gloss and any additional coverups.

Katarina Van Derham is a pro at packing the perfect brushes for any trip. Be sure to heed her advice and travel with these essential makeup brushes.


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