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Viva Cannes Episode 7: Off to the Beaches

Viva Cannes Episode 7 Takes You to Both Saint Tropez
and Ile Saint Marguerite

On this episode of Viva Cannes, follow Rebecca Grant and the VIVA GLAM team to two amazingly beautiful locations. The first is dear to our hearts here at VIVA GLAM- that’s Saint Tropez. Being the current home of Brigitte Bardot and La Tarte Tropezienne, we were excited to explore this quaint town.

Then visit a hidden gem only fifteen minutes from the Cannes Film Festival! Ile Saint Marguerite is a small island only 700 meters from the tip of Palm Beach. So, a quick 15-minute boat ride will get you out there. We took in the sparkling waters and French alps on the journey across the waters to the island.

Upon disembarking, we immediately noticed how clear the deep blue waters of the island were. Isle Saint Marguerite is know for its adorable little fishing town, bird sanctuary, perfect beaches, and history. The island once housed an infamous prison that held many famous prisoners, one of them being “the man in the iron mask.”

The adorable paths of the island ascend up and down hills with stone stairs and bridges periodically showing up. There is a nice amount of shade and trees around the paths covering your way. We climbed up a gradual hill until we made it to an old village and museum set inside the gates of the old prison structure. It’s hard to describe just how amazing these buildings looked in person. You’ll have to watch the video to see the details. The shudders and lanterns that were placed around on the stone structures really made it stand as if it was stuck back in time. We’ve never seen anything quite so simple and beautiful. And the fact that the real “man in the iron mask” was held there makes its history that much more interesting.

So, if you’re ever in Cannes, you must check out both Saint Tropez and the Ile Saint Marguerite. It’s easy to get to both places, and it is well worth the adventure.


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