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Viva Cannes Episode 8: La Tarte Tropézienne

Taste the Finest Dessert in France in this Episode of Viva Cannes!

La Tarte Tropézienne’s signature dessert has been one of our favorite foods here at VIVA GLAM Magazine for some time. This delicious tart features two sweet buns on the outside with a special cream in the middle. We had no idea about its fascinating history and admirable family atmosphere until we visited this famous place for ourselves. We were thrilled to find out about it when we stepped out of Cannes and into Saint Tropez for the day on this episode of Viva Cannes!

As we arrived in Saint Tropez, we met with Vanessa outside of La Tarte Tropézienne. The restaurant and bakery we met at had three stories, each with a different theme and design. Vanessa was an amazing guide and told us the fascinating history of the famous dessert. La Tarte Tropézienne is the one and only. It was created by her father’s friend, and her father created the business of making these famous tarts. Then, its name was given to it by Brigitte Bardot who is the godmother of this dessert. They served it to her on the film set of “And God Created Woman.” She liked it so much that she told them they should name it, “La Tarte Tropezienne,” and they did, making her the godmother.

Be sure to watch this episode to learn all all about it and to watch our host Rebecca Grant try and make a tarte tropézienne dessert, herself. Hers may not look exactly like the chef’s, but it was definitely delicious!


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