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Viva Cannes Episode 3: Candid On the Streets of Cannes

VIVA GLAM Hits the Antique Market in Episode 3 of Viva Cannes

In episode 3 of Viva Cannes, follow the VIVA GLAM team with host Rebecca Grant as we take you onto the streets of Cannes to mingle with the locals. When we heard that there was an antique market on the promenade right across the street from the Palais de Festival, we had to check it out. The homey market was filled with original art, antique collectibles, and classic fashion. There were many vintage designer brand items along with a lot of china and porcelain. The finds were so great that every person on our team walked away with something from the market.

Rebecca discovered an adorable attendee from Florida and got her to model some vintage fashion for us. Then, she tried to see what $10 in American dollars could get her in the market. The answer was nothing. We found that this market was quite expensive. But the vintage items helped us understand why the prices were so high.

There were a group of men playing a game of Petanque near by, and they absolutely loved Rebecca and our team. When we walked near them, they came to us, ready to discuss how much they loved American women. They even showed Rebecca how to play Petanque. For those wondering, Petanque is a game where you toss a hollow steel ball to try and get it as close as possible to a wooden ball placed in the court. When you throw it, you must stand in a specific spot with both of your feet on the ground. We think Rebecca might be the new champion.

The answers to our charades throughout the market were fun, funny, and filled with personality. Check it out!



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