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Virtual Try-On is Revolutionizing Shopping Online

How to Shop for Eyeglasses

The shift to online did not begin with the pandemic, this was a trend destined to happen. A case for the pandemic accelerating the shift can be made, but this is another story. Virtual dressing rooms and virtual shopping, once an idea only possible in futuristic cinema, has entered real life, and it’s becoming more accessible to use. Augmented reality, or AR has penetrated life in the forms of cute filters and as basic, poorly fitting try-ons. Brands have invested in this technology to improve customer satisfaction and overall use. 

Digital Try-On Tools

Leading eyewear retailer SmartBuyGlasses is a known brand that has ramped up their digital tool portfolio to make shopping online simple for their customers. Being a digital pure-player is not an easy racket, a retailer that exists exclusively online means you are distanced from your customers. Customers are not able to directly interact with the product, there is no touch or feel to get a sense if the frames they are interested in will actually look great on them. Providing guides is a fantastic way to help with product decision making, but more intuitive and helpful tools are essential to push online customer experience. 

Augmented reality is a great asset to the online realm, but basic AR tech does not have a natural feel and does not offer a realistic idea of how items would actually look and fit on the body. Technology fortunately has progressed, there are brands like Ditto, that specialize in eyewear try-on technology and provide AR services to larger optical retailers. Specifically targeting a single type of garment or accessory allows for an impressive result. Their services are unique in that they are able to offer a true idea of fit with vivid realism. The system doesn’t use a live try-on like in Instagram or Snapchat, where you can record as you experience. Ditto pre-records a 5-second selfie video that you take yourself along a set track and then uses a reference object to determine overall size. This allows the AR algorithm to more accurately fit the frames to your face. The video shows off a 180-degree view, ear-to-ear of how the frames will fit, which covers all the bases for how you might want to see how the frames fit. 

Virtual try on glasses is a fun and breakthrough way of shopping for eyewear online. Instead of using glitchy, and frankly gimmicky AR tools on social media or other apps will save you time while shopping. Allowing you to use the technology as it was truly imagined. 

Get the Best Selection Online

Shopping for eyewear in the real world will always exist. But, if you are an avid glasses wearer expect to head online to find more affordable options and a wider selection of frames. The events of the pandemic and the advancement of easy-to-use technology, have propelled the virtual shopping space and made shopping from home a necessary option. Shop online today with SmartBuyGlasses to find over 80,000 frames and 180 brands. Virtually try on your favorite frames and experience shopping for eyewear in a whole new way!

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