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The Best Ways to Spend Your Time at Home More Efficiently

Things are getting out of control in the world right now with the Coronavirus Pandemic. That’s right, it was just labelled a pandemic. Many schools are shutting down classes, workplaces are encouraging employees to stay home, and some of our favorite social activities are being shut down. For instance, the NBA shut down all current games, as did the NHL. So, where do we go from here? Perhaps this is a good time to stay at home, self reflect, and make positive changes in our own lives.

Here are some ideas of what you can do to improve you life during these days that are now requiring a mandatory “staycation”.

Create Your Own Business

If you have been dreaming of starting your own online business, this is the time to do your research to start it, as it requires you to sit and be on your computer. The good thing about starting an online business is that time really flies when you are putting your hours in, making your time at home feel quick and easy. Perhaps you can finally start that blog. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to open up your own online boutique? Now that you are stuck at home, what is stopping you?

Take Time with Your Family

Family should absolutely be a priority not only during this time. Look closely at your family members and see if anyone could use help. Recently, as I have been stuck inside with a broken foot, I have been taking care of my mother who has been a diabetic for over 30 years, encouraging her to start her journey with the NFI Protocol. After 6 weeks on this plant-based program, she lost 22 pounds and 25% of her medication has been removed from her regimen. This time has allowed me to be home and in constant communication with her, keeping her motivated.

It can be easy to miss signs of illness, especially mental illness. For instance, people with depression often hide it well, covering it up behind false smiles and over-the-top jokes. Be sure to spend time with your family and notice if they are being emotionally distant, isolating themselves socially, skipping work to sleep, or not showering for days at a time. These could all be signs of depression. Even if everyone in your life is healthy, use this moment to be there for them and spend much-needed time together.

Perform Self Care

You can’t help others unless you help yourself, first. Dedicate this time to cleaning up your body physically and mentally. Create a plant-based detox for yourself or just simply start a liquid diet since you don’t have to move around or go outside. Then, mentally take a look at yourself and do an analysis of where you are. Meditate and look within to see how you can improve your mental well-being. Maybe take up some fun, creative exercises to get yourself in a better place if you need a mental or emotional pick-me-up. Painting, drawing, and sewing are all easy to do at home and can be a fun release.

Educate Yourself

It’s important to not only take care of yourself physically and mentally but intellectually, as well. This is a good time for your personal growth. Are you trying to get better at managing your finances or learn a new program or skill? Take this time to take an online course or teach yourself these new skills you would like to learn. Or just educate yourself on the current events of the world. There are so many false truths going around that it is important to be as accurately informed as possible. Take the time to learn about the Coronavirus and not give in to mass hysteria without educating yourself first.

Go Through Your Closet

How many of us have too many clothes that we just don’t wear? This could be the right time for you to clean out your closet and get rid of things you no longer wear. Or let’s say that you’re super organized and know what’s in your closet. You might simply want to log into Pinterest and create your favorite looks from your wardrobe pieces, mixing and matching them in new ways from you Pinterest inspo. Take photos on your phone and save the looks in an album so it’s easy for you to get dressed when you’re ready to go out and take on the world again.

It is definitely becoming scary out in the world. Taking the time now to make sure that you’re okay, your family is okay, and you are ready when things get better is the best thing you can currently do for yourself while you are stuck at home.


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