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The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire Breathes New Life into the Fantasies of the Past

While it only comes to town once a year, the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire brings six weekends of fantasy and fun when it arrives in Irwindale, CA. This year is the 57th season of the faire, and there is much to celebrate. When you arrive, step through the gates and be transported back in time- specifically to the royal shipyard city of Deptford during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. You will immediately be immersed in an atmosphere filled with music and energy as everyone celebrates around you. Most guests come dressed up in their best medieval garb, so be sure to rise to the occasion. If you don’t have anything, there are costumes there to rent!

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If you fancy entertainment, find thirteen stages with continuous performances throughout the day. If you’re looking to glutton yourself on delicious food and drink, then you’ve come to the right place! You will find stands all around you with specialty drinks, ales, snacks, and more. And there is a food court by the water spread out with numerous options to enjoy.

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Perhaps one of the biggest gems of the faire is the extensive marketplace that consists of over 125 high-caliber artisans offering many unique treasures. You’re sure to find something for everyone. From incense to home-made bath salts and soaps to artists to costumers- it’s all here. There are glass-blowers, leather smiths, bead workers, basket weavers, and jewelers. In fact, we believe the most exciting part of the faire is looking at the range of hidden treasures around the map.

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The VIVA GLAM Magazine team was excited to step back into the past and into the gates of the faire this year, and there were a few things that stood out to us. The first was Vagabond Pizza. Vagabond Pizza offers vegan pizzas! That’s right, you can order over 4 types of vegan slices and pizzas or vegan sandwiches at the Ren Faire. As animal lovers, we love seeing vegan options, especially at a faire focused on the past, as during the Renaissance, there were definitely no vegan options available.

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We also noticed that the Renaissance Faire is ideal for families. It’s a fun family environment where quality time gets taken to a new level. Since there’s so much to see and do, it takes people away from their phones and into the fantasy of the past. Everyone has a chance to fully emerge and free themselves from the bonds of technology that we all get stuck in. While people still clearly use their phones to take photos, it’s not so obvious. So, you really do feel as if you are in the past.  

So, next time you’re in Los Angeles in the springtime, don’t forget to take your trip to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and get connected to the olden times. Or see when the faire is heading to your home town!


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