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Spectra Steals the Show at Coachella

Spectra has taken over Coachella.

The main attraction for influencers to take photos at during Coachella has been the ferris wheel for many years now, but this changed last year when Spectra showed for the first time. In fact, now Spectra seems to be stealing most of the attention at Coachella with thousands of photos hash-tagged since last year. It’s safe to say that Spectra is the place in Coachella Valley to take photos at. Inspired by the sunset and sunrise at Coachella Valley, there are 31 colored panels that take you around the range of colors of the sun.

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Coachella Music Festival, 2018

According to Patrick O’Mahony, the founder and creative director of NEWSUBSTANCE, the company we can thank for Spectra, they started designing Spectra back in 2016, and the structure took 2 years to fabricate and ship. Last year was its big debut at Coachella and, leading up to the debut, it took 3 ½ weeks to build and set up with a crew of 40 people. Working in the heat for so long to build the structure was rough for their crew, but luckily it’s now standing strong. Spectra was built to be a real building, so it’s (at least for now) a permanent structure that stays up all year long- even when Coachella is long deserted in the coming months.

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Katarina Van Derham with Patrick O’Mahony

O’Mahony credits the idea of the structure to the sunrise and sunset at Coachella valley peaking out behind the mountains. He said, “we wanted to capture people in that color.”

I think it’s safe the say that the structure does just that. It’s a new vantage point at the festival where you can see the whole festival from a different perspective. It’s won 3-4 awards now with more coming through, the biggest honor being the winner of a “Architect’s Newspaper Award.”

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Art, Atmosphere, Coachella 2018 – Spectra, Weekend 1 Friday

O’Mahony happily states, “The response was so good that they have extended our stay. We are the first resident piece that’s ever been there.” He is thrilled that millions have seen his work and that it’s becoming a part of the Coachella landscape.


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