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Tips to Help You Choose the Best Wedding Location

What is the best wedding location, really? It’s a very subjective idea. It’s not about what the best location for everyone is. It’s where you want to get married that will make your day the absolute best it can be. After all, your wedding day is all about you!

So, when planning your wedding, the first thing to do when choosing the absolute best wedding location is to make a list with your fiancé. Write out any place that not only makes you feel good about getting married there- but every place that would make you excited to get married at. If you think “this place would make my wedding day perfect”- put it on your list! If you think, “well, I do like this place” and have hesitation, cut out the fat and remove it from your brain. Your wedding day should be perfect.

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Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

You now have a list of special places that will make your wedding day perfect. Are some of them close to home? Are some of them far away? Next, you should decide if you want a destination wedding or a wedding close to home. List the pros and cons of both. What makes a destination wedding special? What makes it hard? What makes a wedding close to home special? What makes it hard? No doubt destination weddings will be stressful, as all of your family and friends will have to pay excessively to make the trip. But, perhaps, you don’t want a big wedding and a small family event far away sounds like a dream? Or perhaps being too close to home is still something that many of your family members will have to travel for? So, which is better for you: a destination wedding or a wedding close to home?

Asking the Right Questions

Once you have decided that key factor, your list of destinations will most likely be cut down. Now, you need to decide the right location for you from what is left on your list. Be sure to make your final decision with the following questions in mind:

  • Is money a factor?
  • Which location will look the most beautiful in your wedding pictures?
  • Which location is the most accommodating for the size of your wedding?
  • Is there a certain day that you are set on for your wedding? Which locations are available on that date?

Use those questions to pick from there. It will most likely be clear after answering those questions which destination is the best choice for you, especially if there’s one that stands out that you can’t get out of your head. Once you have picked the location, that’s only half the battle.

The Décor

Since you have officially picked your location, you must be ready to decide on the spot within your location for the actual wedding. Does the venue offer multiple spaces to get married? Is there a place that stuck out to you the most? I’m sure this step is simple, because if this is your dream wedding location, you must see a clear vision of where you will be getting married there when you play the fantasy in your head.

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Now, you must choose the décor, which will be influenced in part by the choice of your location, as well as the colors and theme of your wedding. Choosing the décor is really the final step in putting your wedding location together, and hopefully, you will have a wedding coordinator who can help in showing you the best décor options for the location of your choice. Things to keep in mind when choosing your décor are as follows:

  • The season/time of year of your wedding
  • The color scheme of your wedding
  • How elaborate or simple are you planning the wedding?
  • Is it outdoor or indoor?
  • The theme of your wedding

So, there you have it. With those questions all decided- you have picked the perfect wedding location! May your special day be the perfect fantasy.


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