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The Most Popular Hair Colors for Summer

Summer is all about bold and fun colors, and this year’s hair color trends are no exception. In fact, you’ll see a lot of women coloring their tresses with bold and vibrant shades, like pink and blue. Additionally, other colors such as honey blonde and gray are still in trend this year. So, what are the most popular hair colors for summer?

1. Honey Blonde

the honey blonde hair color trend is all over social media
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Photo By @wellaproes/Instagram

Honey blonde is a classic hair color that’s been around for years. The reason is that it is the perfect color you can opt for if you want to add life to your tresses and still achieve the low-maintenance look. In fact, honey blonde is the best option if you want to add glow without committing to bright highlights.

2. Ash Brown

ash brown hair color for winter
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Photo By @hairdoslo/Instagram

Ash brown is one of the most popular hair colors for summer not only because of its amazing result. This hair color is also functional because it fades gracefully. Still, oxidation will occur; thus, you need to ask your stylist for the appropriate shampoo and conditioner to make your hair color last longer. The downside is that bold ash brown is best suited for women with neutral skin tones, specifically those with yellow and pink undertones.

3. Fantasy Colors

bright hair colors for fall
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Photo By @guy_tang/Instagram

As mentioned, summer is all about bold and vibrant colors. As such, you can try dyeing your hair with fantasy colors, like a combination of pink and soft blue. You can also go bold and choose wild color combinations, such as electric blue and lime green. Another great option is to opt for rainbow strands or sherbet swirls.

4. Money Piece

rogue streak money piece hair
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Photo By @pulpriothair/Instagram

The money piece is a hair color trend where you add a pop of highlight at the front part line of your hair. The color can be as bright as lime green. You can also opt for a fierce look by choosing red. An advantage of this hairstyle is that it requires less maintenance compared to full head highlights. Plus, you can also dye your hair at home if you don’t go to a salon.

5. Smoky Ice

pantone’s color of the year 2021 ultimate gray is expected to revive the silver hair trend
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Photo By @blend_studio/Instagram

These hot summer days, nothing looks more cool and refreshing than the smoky ice. It’s the icy silver hair color that keeps coming back for various reasons. First, it is doesn’t create contrast against your skin; thus, it is suitable for all skin tones. Aside from that, this hairstyle will still look great even when your roots start to grow back. So, if you’re searching for one of the most popular hair colors for summer, the smoky ice is definitely a must-try.


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