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Meet the Trending Rogue Streak Hair aka Money Piece that Will Transform Your Look With Minimum Effort

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You’re dying to switch your look, but don’t want to deal with the commitment? We’ve all been there. There are quite a few things to take into consideration when changing your hair color. Are you ready for a different, maybe higher maintenance routine? More frequent touch-ups? Damage? If the answer is “No” to all of these questions, you can still get a fresh look without the fuss. One of the hottest hair coloring trends can do wonders for your appearance with minimum effort and damage. Rogue streak hair, or also known as the money piece is the face-framing hair color that blends retro vibes with a modern look. Scroll down to find out more about the rogue streak hair trend along with chic examples of how to nail it.

rogue streak money piece hair
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Photo By @mane_ivy/Instagram

The rogue streak hair trend is now quite new. It first emerged in the ’90s, where It ladies and fashion enthusiasts alike were adding a chunky highlight in blonde around the face to spice up their look. Fast forward to today, this coloring technique became popular under the name money piece. And even Beyonce likes it!

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