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The Beauty Benefits of Good Posture

If your teacher ever used to nag you to sit up straight, it turns out they might have been on to something! Good posture means more than just paying attention in class, it can also have a whole host of other surprising benefits. Although holding a good posture might come easy to some people, others must work at it by making a few adjustments and incorporating a few exercises. Here are some of the beauty benefits of posture and how you can improve yours.   

Increases oxygen flow

Slouching can compress the lungs, making it harder to breathe properly and inhibiting the flow of oxygen. Oxygen is important, as it not only ensures that our brains and bodies are working properly but is also associated with beauty. Studies have shown that raised blood oxygenation levels are linked with an increase in attractiveness, so it’s well worth straightening that back and breathing deeply!

Improved confidence 

Confidence is everything, especially when it comes to how others perceive you. Beauty is much more than physical looks, and masses of self-esteem and confidence are the key to unlocking that inner radiance. Research indicates that our posture plays a huge role in our confidence levels, and that simply standing up straight can mean the difference between a good first impression and an outstanding one. Power stances are often credited for providing an instant confidence boost, so stand tall in your radiant glory! 

Slimmer physique

There’s no doubt about it, someone who carries themselves with poise and grace looks fabulous – and not only that, but it can also help you to appear slimmer as well. Hunched shoulders tend to lead to a protruding belly as well as a much shorter stature. Standing or sitting up straight can improve this drastically, giving the appearance of a slimmer, taller physique. 

The endless benefits of good posture are evident, but how can you work on achieving that perfect poise? Luckily there are plenty of ways to reach your posture goals, and it doesn’t matter how late in life you are starting. Posture can be corrected with a few adjustments. Here are a few tips to get you started.


There are lots of stretches that can help you improve your posture. Never underestimate the power of a few strong yoga poses after a long day at the computer! Chest opening moves such as chest flexors, fish pose, and shoulder stretches are a great way to bring the shoulders back and work on upper body flexibility. Don’t forget to work on the hips as they can also throw your posture out. Focus on supported bridges, warrior pose, and hip flexor stretches to unwind the hips and align them so that they can support great posture.

Sit properly

A lot of damage can be done to the spine when we sit, particularly if there is a tendency to slouch into the sofa or use an unsupportive chair while using the computer. Ensure that your sofa has supportive cushions and try to avoid slouching into them, as this can cause all kinds of stress on the spine. Also, make sure that your workstation is set up correctly so that it doesn’t place any unnatural strain on the body. By making a few adjustments to how you sit, it can have a huge impact on your overall posture. 

Sleep on it

Correcting posture might be a little harder while you’re sleeping, but there are a few adjustments you can make to ensure that you don’t undo the hard work you have done during the day. Check that your mattress isn’t sagging and that it is a firm, supportive surface. The ultimate sleeping position for good posture is on your back or side with a pillow between or under the knees. Front sleeping can cause all kinds of strain on the back and neck, so try to train yourself out of this position if it is your preferred one.

With a few adjustments and a little bit of hard work, the beauty benefits of good posture can be yours!

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