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The Best Cool Toned Hair Colors For Fall 2019

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Cool-toned hair colors had a moment in the past seasons when an array of silver, platinum and ashy dye jobs were trending. Although warm tones are currently in the spotlight, some of us still aren’t done with icy dye jobs. After all, the perfect hair color is the one that flatters your skin tone the most. So, if for any reason you refuse to warm up your hair this season, we got you covered. We sourced the best cool-toned hair colors for fall 2019. Scroll down to learn more.

Denim Blue Hair

cool toned hair colors for fall
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Photo By @lewiscolour/Instagram

Denim hair has come a long way since its Kylie Jenner beginnings. You can customize this cool-toned hair color as you wish. If you want something more wearable, opt for dark, even black hair colors with blue hints. For those who aren’t afraid to experiment, true denim blue, and washed-out denim are fun options.

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