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Level up Your Glam Game With the Negative Space Makeup Trend

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Professional makeup artists, beauty influencers and makeup junkies alike are pushing themselves more and more. The reason? There are so many bronze natural glam examples around that got creative souls a bit bored. On top of that colorful makeup looks are becoming the new norm, so what else can makeup artists possibly invent? To get you out of the comfort zone, the glam squad is introducing the negative space makeup technique that’s easier to nail than it sounds. This beauty trend is set to help even the hopeless makeup lovers create the sought-after cut crease look. Negative space makeup means leaving part of the eyelid unpainted, preferably in the form of a bold cut crease. But this makeup trend can take many forms. We bring you the most creative ways to jump on the negative space makeup trend below.

negative space makeup trend
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Photo By @adamburrell/Instagram

The negative space makeup technique will give you an Insta-worthy cut crease makeup look with less mirror time. All you have to do is define your crease with an eyeshadow color of your choice. That’s it!

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