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The First All-Vegan Cooking Competition Show is Streaming Now on UnchainedTV

Do you love cooking show competitions but are always slightly disappointed because there’s not enough vegan representation in that genre? Do you like the fun and drama of reality TV competitions? Well, if you said ‘yes’ to either of those questions, you are in luck! Streaming now on UnchainedTV, the platform that brings you our own unique content from our very own Katarina Van Derham, is Peeled, the first-ever all-vegan cooking competition show.

Shot on location in Las Vegas, Peeled utilizes plant-inspired design elements to create a fresh backdrop for this groundbreaking new show. In a fun and inclusive environment, vegan contestants will have to compete to be the newest, hottest vegan chef or get “Peeled into the compost pile”.

What makes Peeled immediately unique right off the bat is that every single person who worked on the show from its cast to its creative team are all vegan, from production assistants to producers. You can feel the true passion from everyone on the team to inspire others to live a more sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle. The passion from the vegan community that created this project was palpable.

We liked that the show included a lot about the journey of the competition and the natural drama that came with it. You could tell the drama was real and not manufactured. From cute production hiccups to missing kitchen implements that caused the contestants to get creative an improvise, it was a wild ride.

The debut episodes streaming on UnchainedTV, which consist of the full series of three episodes, features four talented vegan chefs competing to raise money for a charity of their choice while trying to impress the vegan judges. Unfortunately, only one can win the competition, and with it, a chance to have their dessert featured by the international vegan restaurant chain, The Copper Branch. The winner also gets a trip to the Mother Earth Vegan Hotel in Costa Rica.

Television host, journalist, and vegan spokesperson, Dr. Shabnam Islam, hosts Peeled alongside vegan culinary artist, Chef Babette. Joining the show as the competition’s judges are Chef Christ Tucker, Chef Josie Clemens (a former contestant on Hell’s Kitchen), Dr. Miles Woodruff, and Elysabeth Alfano.

PEELED, brought to you by Vkind, premiered on September 24th at the Director’s Guild of America to a full theatre of exited vegan enthusiasts, allowing the audience to be fully immersed in the energy of the show surrounded by its celebrity cast and vegan activists. It was a great event! After the premiere, a post-screening Q&A was held with the show producers, and attendees quickly began describing the show as trailblazing, history-making, creative, and exciting. You can watch all three episodes on UnchainedTV, a completely-free streaming service that focuses on highlighting vegan activists, celebrities, and reports on animal rights news. UnchainedTV is both fantastic and easy-to-use, as there is no subscription necessary to watch the content; you don’t even have to put in your information. All you need do is download the app, click, and watch.

You can read our full post on UnchainedTV here! And be sure to watch Peeled today!

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