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Fall Beauty Tips from Hollywood Pro Katarina Van Derham

Katarina Van Derham is a beauty pro in front of as well as behind the camera. As a model and actress, early in her career she found herself fixing the makeup of the other talent on set, and today, she still works with Hollywood’s stars, such as Leah Remini, while also playing a femme fatale role in the movie Crypto Heads.

Today, she is sharing her beauty tips for fall exclusively with our readers. Here’s what she has to say.

1. Change your moisturizer

I can’t press enough on the basic principle of healthy skin, moisturizing. If you live in a place that experiences all four seasons, fall is the perfect time to change your moisturizer out for a thicker yet still very hydrating moisturizer. While in the summer you can wear a very lightweight formula, your winter formula should be thicker; this way it holds the moisture in your skin longer. So, fall is the perfect time to let your skin adapt to new skincare routines before the temperature starts to drop below zero.

2. Forget makeup primers

While makeup primers help foundation stay on better, many of them are made from silicone or contain other drying formulas. Since fall tends to be much cooler than summer, your makeup won’t melt under the hot sun, so you can put your primer away and only use it if you’re going to dance the night away.

3. Eat like it’s summer

As soon as the weather cools down, we tend to start eating more comfort food. We eat warm, cooked dishes that give us that feeling of warmth and coziness. As you might already know, cooked and over-cooked food can lack moisture. The cold air outside dries us out, so it is important to continue to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are hydrating. Our skin replenishes from the inside based on what we eat. The juicier the food, the more hydrated your skin will be.

4. Stick with cream makeup products

When it comes to makeup, it should be set with powder so it doesn’t move. However, in the cooler weather, powder can be drying, especially if it includes talc. Instead of using powder blush and powder foundation, try to use cream sticks which you don’t have to set with powder. That way your makeup will glow even in the windy fall.

5. Fall hair color reversed

Every time I read about the fall hair-color trends, I read the same suggestion. Everyone states that we should go with darker hair colors in the fall/winter and lighter ones in the summer. I completely disagree, and here’s why. In summer, when the sun shines bright, it highlights your hair, and if your hair is light to begin with, you might look too light and washed out. The sun will also dry your hair out, so if you bleach it, it will become more fragile. In the fall/winter when we don’t see the sun much, everything looks dark and gloomy, so dark hair color will only add more darkness to our moods. I prefer to do the opposite.

In summer, I suggest you keep your hair a darker shade, so you’re not so washed out. Your hair will appear lighter than it actually is anyway because of the bright sun hitting it.

In fall/winter, go with the lighter version of your favorite hair color because it will look toned down anyway in the gloomy weather, and you want to bring some “sunshine” into your days.

No matter what you decide to do, be sure to always shine on!


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