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The Best Glasses Styles for You

All of us ladies who wear glasses are usually quite annoyed by them at times because they hide our features and makes our eyes less enchanting, but have you ever wondered if it’s just the style of glasses you wear that doesn’t suit your face? Well, we’re here to help you with that and here are some of the face shapes, and the style of glasses that looks best on them.

The first thing you want to do is identify your face shape, then you can go ahead to your nearest glasses store, or even buy glasses online that will suit your face shape. Here’s how to figure that out.  We recommend standing in front of a mirror and tying your hair back, then compare it to the shapes listed in any guide on Google. Alternatively, you could even use a lipstick to draw your face shape on the mirror! We know it sounds unconventional, but it works for sure!

1. Round face

All my round-faced girls out there, don’t worry I’ve got the perfect fit of glasses for you. You should opt for sharp edges, maybe something along the lines of classic square or rectangle face, that will add angles to your face and cheeks and flatter your eyes.

2. Oval face

If you have an oval face shape, try going for solid frames with large or oversized shapes, in retro square or round shapes. Alternatively you can opt for a feminine rounded cat-eye shape which will soften the lines of your face and add fullness to your features.

3. Triangle face

If this your face shape, you should go for rimless frames instead of thick and heavy ones. The rimless frames will not obstruct the natural lines of the face and yet give u a subtle twist on a conventional glasses shape. Go for soft ovals, or rounded square shapes that complement your features.

4. Heart face

If you have a heart shaped face, chances are most frame styles will suit you. If you’re looking for a specific style, though try oval, or soft round in subtle light shades that don’t contrast your cheekbones, but yet emphasize them. You could also go for rimless frames, or soft cat-eye shapes that will add width to your cheekbones.

5. Square face

Avoid thin and angular styles, and instead complement your face shape with large silhouettes and stylish feminine cat-eye frames that soften edges and add a bit of flair to your look! You could also choose rounder frames to contrast your square jaw shape, instead of highlighting it further with square frames.

6. Diamond face

If this is your face shape, go for glasses with strong detailing such as on semi rimless frames that will add softness to the lower half of your face and flatter the area above your eyebrows. Try angled glasses that elongate your eyes, such as hardcore feminine cat eye shapes. You should complement your high, dramatic cheekbones and let them be featured in your glasses style!

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