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9 Makeup Hacks for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Just because you have to wear frames, doesn’t mean you have to hide your features.

Do you wear glasses? Are you always disappointed with how your makeup turns out? No matter if you choose to wear glasses or contacts, you shouldn’t have to hide your beautiful face. Here are a few tips to make your eyes pop no matter the accessories you choose to wear on your face that day.

#1 Yellow-toned concealer

When you wear glasses, one of the biggest problems you have to deal with is the shadow cast by the frames, in the under eye area. You can easily solve this problem by applying a yellow-toned concealer. This will give a light-like effect in this particular area, helping you cover the bags under your eyes at the same time.

#2 Mascara that gives volume, not extra curling

Even though it might be tempting to go with mascara that has a super-curling effect, you will soon discover that your lashes will reach the glasses, getting the lens all dirty. It’s recommended to stick with mascara that adds volume instead. Your lashes will appear to be thicker but won’t get your glasses dirty.

#3 Pencil on the eyebrows

Just because you are wearing glasses, this does not mean you should concentrate exclusively on this area. On the contrary, you have to give your eyebrows the proper attention they deserve. After trimming those nasty extra hairs, it is time to add contour to your eyebrows using a pencil that matches your hair color.

#4 Bright red lipstick

When you wear glasses, it is a challenge to find the right eye makeup. Instead of worrying about your eyes, try focusing on your lips instead? Apply a bright red color on your lips and, within minutes, you will realize that very little else is necessary.

#5 Cat eye

The cat eye technique is one of the most effective makeup techniques to try, whether you are wearing glasses or not. However, if you do wear glasses, it is recommended to align the final part of the cat eye with the outside corner of the glasses. In this way, you will obtain a beautiful effect, with your eyes appearing bigger (uplifting effect).

#6 Bright-colored eyeliner/eye shadow

Stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching bright eyeliner. Go for teal, azure, or other similar colors. It won’t even matter that you are wearing glasses, as the intense color will have a genuinely splendid effect. You can obtain the same effect by using bright-colored eye shadow.

#7 Thick frames, thick eyeliner

The main idea is that there is a balance between your frames and the eyeliner you are using. Thick frames do not have to prevent you from wearing beautiful makeup, but you have to pay attention to balance. It is for the best to use thick eyeliner, to match your frames. Bonus tip: spring for a color that matches one of your frames as well.

#8 Highlighter in the right areas

Sometimes, it may seem like your glasses are dominating the entire face. You can counteract such problems by applying a little bit of highlighter in the right areas. For example, to enjoy the highlighting effect it is recommended to apply the product on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow.

To stand out even more, don’t hesitate to experiment with color and glitter. And, finally don’t forget the most important step before applying makeup: using great skincare. You can always use high-quality anti-aging products, such as Juvalux, cream that promises to reverse the aging process of the skin and help you look and feel beautiful.

Author Bio

Kathy Mitchell was born in the USA. She has a MA in English Literature and freelances for multiple health and beauty websites including the Consumer Health Digest. Connect with her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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