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6 Iconic Fashion Items That Everybody Needs To Have

When it comes to having a comprehensive wardrobe, there are some fashion essentials that everyone needs to have. It doesn’t matter what your personal style is – each of these items will only serve to enhance it and will undoubtedly become a staple of what you wear.


Yup, that’s right – you may not have thought about wearing your old pair of jeans for a couple of years, but as soon as you get back into them, you’ll realize why you loved them so much. 

Denim doesn’t just look good, it’s also comfortable and extraordinarily versatile. Depending on the piece, you can wear it anywhere, from the workplace to the club and everywhere in between. Additionally, this item is a staple for everyone, men and women alike. 

And denim isn’t just limited to jeans – you can incorporate it into your wardrobe through a denim jacket, a denim skirt, and much more. With denim, the sky’s truly the limit. 


Sunglasses have a ton of benefits – not only do they make you look more collected and all-around stylish, they actually help protect your eyes. There’s a ton of science that shows that they protect your eyes from the ill effects of UV light, as well as the elements (like bright sunlight, dust and sand, and more). 

You may think that sunglasses are expensive – however, that’s not the case. If you’re buying multiple pieces, consider finding a wholesale sunglasses company to ensure your budget goes as far as possible. Additionally, you don’t need to buy brand-name pieces to look stylish – numerous, affordable options will have the people around you asking where you bought them. 

Statement Shoes

Again, this is something that should be part of everyone’s wardrobes, regardless of whether they’re male or female. 

When we say statement shoes, we mean a pair of shoes that draws all the attention to them. They’re the item in your ensemble that stands out rather than the rest of your clothes. 

There are numerous ways a pair of shoes may be seen as a “statement” piece – this includes the design of the shoe, as well as the color. For example, if you’re wearing neon shoes (not that we advocate doing this!), the people around you will definitely notice. 

A pair of statement shoes can help make your outfit pop on the days when you don’t have the time or energy to pick out the perfect clothes. They hide the imperfections because people are too busy looking at what’s on your feet to be concerned about what you’re wearing. 

Classic Eyeglasses

If you wear spectacles, it’s pretty easy to understand why you need a pair of classically elegant eyeglasses in your wardrobe. However, even if you have 20/20 vision, you should consider buying a pair. Wear them with non-prescription glass, and you’ll immediately be able to tell how they elevate your entire outfit. 

In fact, you can buy a whole range of spectacles. As with sunglasses, prices depend on where you buy them from. That said, if you research things, you’ll likely find that there are numerous affordable price options near you, so you can buy a couple of frames, which allows variation in your outfits. 

Trench Coat

A trench coat is a truly timeless wardrobe item. Designed with comfort in mind, it will ensure you stay warm and dry throughout the winter. It’s especially necessary if you live somewhere that sees rain during the winter. 

However, you can also wear it on cool spring and summer days. You can pair it with pretty much anything, and it suits both men and women – if you’re the same size, you may even be able to share one with your other half!

Dressing Gown

And now we come to the truly comfortable part of your wardrobe – the dressing gown. You may wonder why this is on our list – after all, it’s not a fashion item. Well, we disagree. 

A dressing gown may not be the fashion outfit you wear when leaving the house, but it’s probably the pinnacle of stay-at-home fashion. It’s enormously comfortable and the perfect outfit to wear when lounging at home on your day off. 

Additionally, dressing gowns are available in a huge variety of designs. Since you’re only going to wear them around the house, you don’t have to worry about a certain pattern not looking formal enough to wear around others – all you need to concern yourself with is what you like!

While your wardrobe is undoubtedly going to be more extensive than just these items, we promise you, you’ll never regret having these six items on hand. On the other hand, not having them will probably lead to considerable regret – so don’t forget to make sure your wardrobe has all the essentials the next time you go shopping!

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