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Slay the Current Beauty Trends with Exceptional Eyebrows

While beauty trends come and go, one of the most defining trends of each decade is easily eyebrows! Your brows tell so much about who you are and the time you are living in just by how you shape them. Think about it, you can see a photo of someone in the 90s and easily tell they’re living in the 90s just by their brows alone. The tiny brows of the 90s make us cringe now, but we can’t ignore how popular they were back then. They’re just as easy to spot as the Instagram brows of our present times. Luckily, we are moving away from the over-drawn, strong-lined Instagram brows of yesterday.

Now, much more thick and natural-looking eyebrows are in and taking the world by storm. So, keep up to date with the current brow trends by collecting the right tools to give yourself the brows of a present-day goddess.

How can you do this? Well, we were searching for the best tools of today, and we just happened to find the Manna Kadar Cosmetics’s Brow Defining Expert 15 Piece Collection kit. This single kit has all the essential tools to help you create a quick and easy everyday brow routine in minutes. On top of the clear brow gel, dual ended pencil, and multiple brow colors, it also comes with multiple stencils to help you find the perfect brow shape for your face. We like that not only is it easy to use but it also comes with both shadow to fill in your brows AND a pencil to provide the perfect finishing touches to your brow look. This kit makes it so easy that anyone can do it!

All in all, when shaping and drawing in your brows daily, you need to have the right tools to not only keep your eyebrows on point but to also keep them on trend. Having an all-in-one kit can help make this process much easier for you. So find the kit that works for you. We recommend trying the Manna Kadar Brow Defining Expert Collection, as that’s the tool we found that works for us.


‘Brow About That? A Consideration of Eyebrows and Their Role in Style History

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