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The Best Fall 2021 Lipstick Shades for Brunettes

As you know, the best lipstick shade for you will complement your hair color and skin tone. Unfortunately, a color may work for one but not the other. The reason is that brunettes have different skin tones and eye colors. The good news is that these brown-haired beauties have a lot of choices. To give you a better view, here are some of the best fall 2021 lipstick shades for brunettes.


A great thing with women with brown hair is that they can pull off lipstick shades ranging from light brown to nude. The reason is that these lipstick shades will not only complement their hair color but complexion as well. Thus, wearing nude lipstick will enhance your beauty and give you a polished look.

Rosy Pink

Pink lipsticks are among the best fall 2021 lipstick shades for brunettes. This is especially true for those with blue eyes. Remember, a lot of blue-eyed brunettes have fair skin, and pink lipstick can add a little bit of shine to their complexion. The best part is that pink lipstick shades, like rosy pink, are great for everyday wear. Plus, they will look great whether you wear them during the day or at night.


We all know that dark hair and red lipstick are a perfect match because of Snow White. In fact, red lipstick will look stunning on brunettes, especially those with dark eyes. So, if you’re going out at night, you can wear a bold red shade like flaming crimson. On the other hand, a muted red is best for everyday wear. Nevertheless, various shades of red lipstick will surely make brunettes look hot and stunning.

Hot Pink

Aside from those fall 2021 lipstick shades for brunettes, a bold color, like hot pink, will also look great on brunettes. This is especially true for those with dark hair and fair skin. For this reason, fair-skinned brunettes should not be afraid to take the risk. Wearing hot pink will not only highlight your lips but complete your look as well.


Not everyone will wear plum or violet-toned lipstick because it is an unusual shade. However, brunettes can pull off this color, especially those with green eyes. In fact, plum lipstick can give life to the eyes of green-eyed brunettes. So, if you want to be adventurous with your make or try something new, plum lipstick is a great choice.


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