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9 Ways to Reinvent the Classic Red Lipstick Makeup Look

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Red lipstick is the ultimate classic, so you can’t call it a trend. This iconic shade has its place under the spotlight ever since the Old Hollywood decade. Back in the day, ladies didn’t have many options, so they would turn to the red lipstick in an attempt to achieve a glamorous look. Decades after, in time when we have endless makeup options, the red lip is still the first choice for some people. The true beauty of this vivid shade lies in its compatibility with different makeup techniques and colors. Whether you’re looking for more ways to incorporate the red lipstick into your routine or just one more reason to wear it, these makeup looks will give you plenty of inspo.

red lipstick trend makeup looks
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Photo By @gordgeorge/Instagram

Rose gold eyeshadow combines beautifully with red lipstick due to the reddish tones it contains. A subtle shimmer on the eyes finished off with a bold blood-hued lip will give you an A-list glow up.

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