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The Accented Blush Trend Will Give You a Radiant Look This Summer

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There’s something we’ve noticed scrolling down our Instagram feeds – the blush is more accented, the contour is less present. Should we blame it on summer? Maybe. Maybe not. If we look back to 2017’s Met Gala, Rihanna made the 80s draped blush famous again. This technique is almost like contouring with blush. You have to bring the blush high enough to cover the outer corners of your eyes and even slightly over the brows. While Riri’s draped blush might be a tad too dramatic for the average makeup lover, the accented blush is back on trend in many variations. From Bad Gal ’80s blush to a flirty flush on the cheeks, check out all the fabulous ways you can nail the accented blush trend.

accented blush trend
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Photo By @priscillaono/Instagram

If you want to accent your sunkissed skin, opt for blush in warm terracotta shades. You can use it as a substitute for contour and sculpt your cheeks with it. For a more radiant effect, top the look with a gold highlighter.

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