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7 Things to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair Red

Natural red hair is the rarest hair color in the world.

It’s because of this that the color is so coveted. It has many different nuances, and it is associated with many different personality traits, from sassy and mysterious to ethereal and sensual. Having red hair is not for the weak, because you’re sure to always be the center of attention by making heads turn everywhere you go.

The first thing to know before going red is how high-maintenance red hair color is and how expensive it can be to maintain it. If you are not a natural redhead, then roots will appear every four weeks or so. One tip for this is to wear a large hat to cover roots because new redheads should be careful when experimenting with drugstore hair color if they want to save money.

Another thing to consider before dyeing your hair red is which shade complements your skin tone the most. Deep and darker cool-toned reds can make super-pale skin tones look almost sickly. Fire engine reds can add contrast to caramel or darker skin tones. Refer to charts, and definitely bring a photo to the salon if you are getting your hair colored professionally.

If you decide to get your hair colored by a professional, then keep in mind that there are many different shades of red and that every colorist has a different idea of what that shade is. Again, photo references are great, but decide beforehand if you want a ginger, strawberry-blonde, or copper red versus a dark violet, purple, or auburn red.

Keep in mind after you’ve considered skin tone and shade of red that red hair always comes out darker when it’s freshly colored. This is especially something to pay attention to if you are aiming to achieve that more ginger/copper-toned red. If you are aiming for a warm red, then don’t freak out.Æyour red won’t start out that way, but it will certainly fade to your desired color and shade.

The reason why red hair always turns out darker first is that red hair fades very quickly. With every wash, the color fades incredibly fast. Therefore, it is very important to stick to shampoos/conditioners that are aimed for color-treated hair. Another alternative is to use a specific shampoo for redheads with hair dye in it to give it an extra pop for when the color grows dull.

Also, before dyeing your hair red, you’re going to want to be mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared for the fact that every time you take a shower, it will look like a scene out of a horror film. This is something to keep in mind if you have a sensitive stomach. Sometimes, the color will even stain the bathtub/shower, so make sure to buy some powerful cleaning supplies.

Finally, the last thing to know before making the giant leap and commitment to having red hair is to be mindful of your shower temperature. Super-hot water makes the color fade even faster. Ideally, you want to aim for lukewarm or cool if you can stand it. Nobody said that having red hair would be easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

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