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The Best Fall 2021 Blush Shades for Brunettes

As you know, applying the right shade of blush can add life to your face. At the same time, it can also accentuate your cheekbones. For this reason, it is vital that you understand which blush shades will work on your skin tone and hair color. For now, we will share some of the best fall 2021 blush shades for brunettes.

The Best Blush Shades for Brunettes


A rose-colored blush will look great on brunettes, especially those with medium or olive-toned skin. The reason is that it can add warmth to their skin without making them look like a clown. Aside from that, this blush shade also complements the yellow undertones of their skin.


Keep in mind that dark hair can make your skin look pale. As such, brunettes can opt for a mauve blush. This shade has brown undertones that can pump up the color of your skin, adding warmth and life to your complexion.

When picking a mauve blush or any blush shade, it is recommended that you opt for a product that is rosier than your skin tone by two shades.

Blush Shades To Avoid

Keep in mind that there are some blush shades that will not work on brunettes because they can make them look older. For instance, blushes with shades of peach or apricot can make your skin appear grayish. As a result, your skin will look lifeless. The same goes with some orange-colored blushes. Brunettes with blemishes on their skin should avoid this shade because it will only draw attention to their red blotches.

Final Thoughts

Overall, those are some of the fall 2021 blush shades for brunettes. Always remember that the right blush will not only highlight your cheekbones. It can also add life to your face, making you look young and beautiful. As such, it is best to opt for bright-colored blushes, like dusty rose, that can highlight your bone structure and face. Also, it is important to note that brunettes should also avoid peach or apricot-colored blushes because they can make their skin look lifeless.

Aside from blush, brunettes can also apply a bronzer, which can add glow to their faces. However, this makeup should only be applied sparingly to avoid making your face too shiny. Additionally, wearing too much bronzer can make your face appear too dark compared to your neck, which is an unpleasant view.


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