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Homemade Blemish Paste

I can't afford to have a blemish. Here I share my trick to staying acne free.

My favorite trick that I use when I have the sad realization that a blemish has appeared is something you can make at home. This trick has been passed down to me by my mom, and it’s my go to remedy every time.

The ingredients are an Ibuprofen, Advil, or Motrin and lemon juice. I take the Ibuprofen and mash it up. I use a mortal and pestle as shown and add lemon juice to make a thick white paste. I load it on at night time and it does it’s magic while I sleep. The Ibuprofen brings down the inflammation and redness and the lemon is a natural antiseptic so it helps kill the bacteria that caused the acne. You may feel a mild stinging from the citric acid in the lemon, but it should subside in a couple seconds.

There are so many easy, natural ways you can help keep your skin beautiful. Sometimes you just need to look in your kitchen.

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