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The Beauty Routine You and Your Dog Can Enjoy Together

It’s 2021 — so it’s time to acknowledge that it’s not just humans that deserve spa treatments! 

Our dogs experience stress, just like we do — wondering where we go when we’re at work, chasing baddies in their dreams, and eating so much they have to nap for five hours.

Getting your dog regularly groomed is the bare minimum for pet beautification, and things like fur and nail trimming are necessary for their health. 

With Service Dog Registration of America, you can ensure your furry friend can go everywhere you go if you have a disability. If your dog is a regular pet, there are some places they can’t come with you — but with these three tips below, you can enjoy some pampering together!

1. Start the Day Off with Exercise

Just like with human beings, regular exercise keeps dogs feeling their absolute best. If you have a Labrador Retriever or other breed of dog that will play fetch, that’s a great and easy way to get regular exercise into their daily schedule. 

Most of us just have to walk our dogs, which is a great source of muscle stimulation too. After you and your dog come home from a long, brisk walk, or even a run, both your muscles will be relaxed, your joints will be soothed, and your energy levels will be in the perfect place to enjoy the beauty treatment.

2. Manicures and Paw-dicures

After buffing, trimming, shining, and polishing your own nails, turn your attention to your dog’s paws. Our feet take a beating each day as we put all our weight on them, but imagine doing that 24 hours a day without socks and shoes.

Dogs’ pads and clawed feet are built for strength, but that only makes them more deserving of care and maintenance. Buy an inexpensive set of dog nail trimmers, get some nail and paw treatment solution that isn’t toxic for dogs, and get to work.

You can treat your dogs’ paws the same way you treat your own. Manicure the area around the nail, cut the nail, and buff it with a pet-approved solution. 

If your dog is hesitant while walking, they may have a nail issue. When dogs’ nails get too long, when they walk, they dig back under into the pads of their feet. Dogs can’t tell you it’s their nails that are the problem, so it’s up to you to be vigilant and regularly check. 

3. Mud Masks and Blueberry Facials

Face masks aren’t just for humans to throw on at the end of a long day before they hit the sack. You can actually do face masks with your pets!

High-end dog spas started doing mud masks and berry-infused facial treatments (the antioxidants are a rich source of moisture for the skin, and that goes double for dogs’ coats) long ago, but only now are these products hitting the shelves for consumer self-application.

Find the nearest dog and cat supply store (try to avoid your average national retailer, as they won’t likely have specialized, locally-made products like these), and ask what they carry in the pet face mask department.

Because dogs’ faces are covered with millions of hairs, you’re going to need to give them a bath after application. There’s no use getting their whole face wet and leaving the rest of their coat dry. So make sure to schedule your mask date in the daytime, so they can dry off in the sun afterward.

Share the love with your furry friend and schedule a pamper session today!

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