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Getting married is the biggest step a person can take towards complete happiness.

It is said in a famous song that hearts have a secret chord. It is the first heartbreaking, mind-blowing part of a symphony that only another heart can complete. It is the force that moves humanity: to seek love, to lose yourself into
someone else’s eyes and lips. It is the very reason why we exist. From that moment on, you begin to realize that you have been waiting, that you were incomplete, that you have never taken a full breath before meeting your
soulmate. From that moment on, you are whole. At the same time, you start feeling the need to share this new feeling, to “spread the love”, as they say. That’s when you decide to get married.

A love so great needs to be celebrated in style. A destination wedding is always the best idea to kickstart your new life with your lover. The “where” is simple: Italy is the answer to questions you didn’t even know you had. From North to South and from East to West, the peninsula is breathtakingly beautiful. A wedding on the beaches of the Amalfi Coast or on the background of the Alps, a feast on the Tuscan hills, a boat ride on Lake Como are experiences that will change something deep inside of you. Words alone cannot do justice to what you can have here.

Italy has something to offer for everyone. People from the most different walks of life found happiness when they got married surrounded by the grandeur of its natural beauty.

This country is a work of art, and you know that every element, in art, is paramount: the canvass, the background, the colours and the models are combined every time to create something always different and unique. Whether you want to elope, get married in a quaint little church on a hill, have a grand celebration in a medieval castle in Rome or on the world-renowned Terrace of Infinity in Ravello, you will find that there is something special in store for everyone, and it is only waiting for your final touch. After all, where else can you find the finest art, a rich history, some of the most incredible UNESCO world heritage sites, delicious food, elegance and fashion all in one place?

Of course, you will be provided professional guidance every step of the way. From some of the best wedding planners, ready to meet all your needs, to the greatest photographers and videographers of Europe. A wedding film will, in fact, give you the chance to relive the moment when you said “I do” all over again. Choosing an amazing wedding videographer is what ties it all together.

Studio D’Essai wedding videographers are renowned for their reportage style films that will make your experience truly unforgettable. The Italian filmmakers, in fact, focus on the most authentic aspects of the ceremony and wedding party. They blend in with the guests and capture the lighting, the mood of your big day without trying to change it and, through their lenses, you will see what they see: your emotions, your love, the fun you are having with your lover and guests and the majestic landscapes that surround you to come alive as an integral part of your day, and not
just a beautiful but lifeless background.

A destination wedding in Italy is the chance to visit places that you have only seen in your dreams. And live them.

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