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Sleeping Commando? Find Out Why It’s Best to Go to Bed Without Pajamas

After a long day, all anybody wants is to get home and get ready to go to bed and have a great night of sleep. When you get ready for this routine, this usually involves pajamas, since it is customary to wear comfortable clothes to go to sleep. However, according to scientific researchers, it is not always the best thing that you can do.

Recent studies have shown that it is better for your health to sleep naked. Yes, that’s right! Sleeping without clothes is recommended, because this helps you to rest better without having that extra layer of fabric on your body. You want to know exactly why? Here are some of the reasons:

It helps your skin

All day long your body is “imprisoned” in your clothes without being able to really breathe. When you sleep naked, you are giving it time to be “free” and for your skin to breathe. In this way, various diseases and conditions caused by a garments’ fabric can be avoided.

You Can Have a Deeper Sleep

The University of Amsterdam confirmed that people who maintain a low body temperature level, rest better. But if you leave your pajamas on, it may be harder to keep your body cool; therefore it’s better to get rid of them, so you can sleep even deeper and better.

You burn calories

When your body is cold, it tries to raise its temperature and produces something called brown fat. Before you think it’s a bad thing you have to know why it’s good to generate this type of fat. When your body generates brown fat, it burns calories and boosts your metabolism throughout the day.

Help your blood flow

As we said earlier, your body is much freer when you sleep naked. So there is no type of spring or cord that cuts your circulation while you rest. This helps your blood travel through your body without any obstacle.

It gives you more confidence and improves your self-esteem

When you decide to sleep naked, you are trying something new and this helps increase your overall confidence. Besides, the decision to sleep without pajamas is a way to tell yourself that you are comfortable in your own body and do not need something to cover it.

It reduces stress

When your body is a little colder than usual, the cortisol levels (the stress hormone) are lowered. If you sleep in pajamas your body stays warm and there is more cortisol in your system.

Who knew that sleeping without pajamas had so many benefits! Will you be sleeping au-naturale to reep these benefits?


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