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Jade Rollers, Supermodels’ Hottest Beauty Tool

There’s a beauty product that’s revolutionized social networks, not only because it is incredibly photogenic, but also because the experts in the subject couldn’t stop swearing by its efficiency. Yes, we are referring to the famous jade roller.

This beauty tool was among the most used backstage by makeup artists and stylists while working with the most in-demand supermodels during fashion week.

But what about regular folks, how can they use it? Well, do you remember those mornings in which you woke up bloated? The only thing you needed to remedy that was this tool.

How does it work? The jade roller massages the muscles of your face which stimulates circulation and get rid of excess fluid. Yes, a massage with any tool (or even with your hands) can achieve the same result, so … what makes the jade roller something so special? The magic is in the material. The properties of the stone work wonders for your skin. Thanks to its constant low temperature, it contracts the blood vessels by deflating them almost instantly; it also helps to improve elasticity and promotes cell regeneration. As a result you’ll have more radiant and healthy skin.

Although recently popularized in the Western world, the jade roller has been part of Chinese beauty regimes since, at least, the seventh century. It was among the best kept beauty secrets in the East. until now.

Massage experts compare it with the morning exercise routines; just as the morning exercise manages to tone your body, the jade roller does the same for your face. The most efficient way to use this incredible anti-aging tool is to start from the center of the neck, sliding it outwards and upwards, until you reach the hairline.

The facial muscles tend to accumulate way too much tension, which can cause wrinkles and lines of expression, especially around the forehead and eyes; the jade roller can help release that tension.

Perhaps an ancestral tool is the best kept secret of your beauty arsenal, so … roll away!

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