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Accessorized Low Pony Hairstyle Ideas For a Glam Look

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There’s something about low ponies that makes them universally adored and endorsed. Not as dramatic as sky-high ponies, and easier to recreate, these hairstyles work on any hair thickness, lenght, and texture. Ready to hide our unwashed locks on a third-day hair, the low pony is a hairstyle that can mask the worst hair days. However, this hairstyle is not just a means to hide dirty tresses but rather a very chic option that offers endless styling opportunities. To elevate your opinion about this style, we sourced the prettiest, heavily accessorized low pony hairstyle ideas on the internet. Scroll down to discover top-trending ponytail hairstyles that are simple enough to replicate at home and intricate enough to give you a glam look.

low ponies hairstyles
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Photo By @svetlana_koroteeva/Instagram

This low pony hairstyle might look delicate, but it’s actually easy to do it yourself. It’s a simple braided ponytail elevated with a beaded accessory that you could DIY in any color that you like.

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