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This Celebrity Updo Hairstyle Trend Creates an Instant Facelift

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Botox is a pricey procedure that not everyone could afford. Not to mention that it’s often a painful experience especially if you end up at the wrong doctor. But this brand new bun updo hairstyle trend is giving celebrities an instant facelift without going near needles. Since these million-dollar worth A-listers rely on a simple, natural way to achieve a youthful appearance, we are here for it! Of course, some of them use botox to take ages off their faces, but this new trend could give you a similar effect. Meet the “bun lift” updo that goes by the rule the higher and the tighter – the better! Feast your eyes on the celebrity-approved top knots guaranteed to smooth out any wrinkles or fine lines that might concern you.

celebrity bun lift updo hairstyle trend
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Photo By @cwoodhair/Instagram

Although still very young, Sophie Turner is a fan of the sky-high top knot. The hairstyle gives a polished and elegant appearance no matter the age. And that instant facelift effect is sure a bonus!

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