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Should You Only Be Using Organic Fragrances?

Do you ever find yourself reaching for the phone to order your favorite takeout, and then deciding to take a moment to check the calories? You know that moment when your world is shattered at the realization that you had never known how much junk is actually in it? Well, we’re here to give you another one of those serious wake-up calls. The next time you reach for your favorite fragrance to spritz across your neck, take a second to glance at the ingredients. Shook? We know. Perfumes and fragrances are used every day by most of us, yet little of us know what they actually contain. It is time to wake up and realize what we’re spritzing onto our skin. It’s time to make the move to organic fragrances! Here’s why

What’s Wrong With Fragrances?

Considering the skin is the largest organ, you’d think we’d pay it a little more attention to it. The contents of perfumes have been so masked- so much so that rarely any of us really know of the toxic alcoholic ingredients they contain.

Hundreds of unregulated ingredients are hidden within perfumes. It sounds crazy to think that you could be completely oblivious to this, but between the high alcohol content and the toxic ingredients, synthetic perfumes are seriously damaging to our skin. We spray them onto our necks and wrists and then wonder why our necks begin to sag as we age! Synthetic fragrances are a mystery that most of us will never unravel. That’s why it’s time to move to a more transparent option of scent…

Why Go Organic?

The words organic and natural seem to plastered all over products nowadays; it’s hard to truly know what it even means or why you need it. Organic perfumes offer complete transparency. They contain 100% naturally-sourced ingredients, and they will list the ingredients in terms we can recognize. Organic fragrances primarily use natural essential oils to create a scent. They also stick to natural alcohol sources such as wheat or grapes instead of toxic alcohol.

Switching to organic fragrances doesn’t mean you have to let go of beautiful scents. The best scents smell more potent and vibrant when natural. Roses for example are guaranteed to smell more beautiful when using actual rose extracts as opposed to a synthetic chemically induced rose scent! Turning to organic perfumes is the best way for you to get the most out of your perfume without damaging your skin or the environment!


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